How to Fit a Picture on Instagram

As the popularity of the image sharing giant is growing, more and more people are joining Instagram. Some may have used it for years and yet for some it might be just a fresh day at this platform. They may not know the basic features and it may take time to get used to it.

To start using Instagram, the first thing to be done is to complete the profile. And the profile cannot be complete without a bio and picture. It may be a bit confusing or uneasy for new user to select the perfect picture to fit the profile. 

In this article, we are going to learn how to make your picture fit on Instagram. So, let’s get started

Reason why you might want to make your picture fit on Instagram

Instagram lets you fill your bio to represent the best of yourself. You can represent yourself or your business through it. You may have some pictures to share and let others know about you or your business/services. However, Instagram does not let you upload pictures of any dimension. The image needs to be square shaped to be fit in order to be uploaded in your profile.

You may want to share the picture you took to post it on instagram

Some people have the habit of taking pictures everywhere and of every event. They even like to share it on social media handles such as Instagram. If you are one of them, you would love to share it in your instagram account and share with your friends. Uploading your images into your Instagram account makes it safe and you have your selected images available even when you got it deleted from your phone by accident

You run a business and want to share new update about product/ services that you offer

Instagram is becoming a popular social media for most of the sellers who sell either physical products or services. Suppose you run an online clothing store and want to add images of your new arrival collections. You take the picture and add it to your instagram to best fit its square format so that the viewers can get a perfect description of the product through the pictures you uploaded.

How to make your picture fit on Instagram

Step # 1: Open Instagram app on your mobile device

Launch the Instagram app on your mobile device

Step # 2: Click on “Plus Icon” button

After you open up your profile, you will see an Icon showing plus sign at the bottom of the page. The icon is  in the center of the bottom icon bar. Upon clicking this, the gallery  images will appear from which you can select the image you want to share.

Step # 3: Select the image or list of images that you want to upload

Once you are in your gallery page, you will be able to select the picture you want to upload. You can either select one picture or more than one up to ten. Then you can adjust your images by dragging. It also lets you choose effects and inbuilt filters to apply to your picture to enhance the beauty of the pictures you upload.

Note: There are different sizes of photos you can add for your post and your story. Photos for your post should be square or with the dimension of 1080 by 1080 pixels. If you use any inbuilt photo editor to crop your picture to square, you can directly upload to your Instagram without having to worry that parts of your picture will be auto cropped while adjusting the picture.

If you follow the steps properly, you can make the picture fit on your Instagram. 

You may also want to know

Can I crop a picture to square shape before uploading it to Instagram?

Yes, you can crop the picture to any dimension that you desire. If you have cropped the picture to a perfect square, Instagram will not adjust the image and Keep it as it is. But if you try to upload any random image, Instagram will auto adjust it to square.  

Can I use Instagram effects to enhance the image?

Instagram has an inbuilt system that allows you to choose from a set of predefined effects. The effects are pretty cool and are useful if you want to customize the image and yet want to save some time. 

Pictures help to explain everything better without having to speak a single word. So,  people are more attracted to image sharing 


Choosing the right size for your Instagram image is one of the crucial steps you need to consider to become successful on the plaatform. Thanks to us, you now know how to do this easily and without breaking a sweat. Next time, when your friends ask for suggestions on how to fit an picture on Instagram, you can suggest them our article.