How to Deactivate an Instagram Account

Are you considering deactivating your Instagram account? If so, you’re not alone. Many people are choosing to leave the platform for a variety of reasons. In this blog post, we will walk you through a step-by-step process of deactivating your Instagram account and explain why it’s necessary for you to deactivate it after every 3 months. 

Keep in mind that deactivating your account is not the same as deleting it. Because when you deactivate your account, it will be temporarily hidden from other users, but all of your data will still be stored on Instagram’s servers. It means that in future, if you change your mind about deactivating your account, you can always reactivate it by logging back in.

6 Reasons Why You Should Deactivate an Instagram Account

There might be many reasons why you would want to deactivate your Instagram account. Maybe you’re spending too much time on the app and you want to take a break from social media. Or maybe you’re concerned about your privacy. But here we’ll discuss 6 major reasons why people prefer to deactivate their Instagram accounts from time-to-time. 

1. It can be a time waster

If you use Instagram a lot, it can be a huge time waste. You could spend hours scrolling through other people’s posts and looking at pictures when you could be doing something else that is more productive with your time. So, deactivating your account can be a good way to save your time and do what really need to be done.

2. It can be distracting

When you’re trying to focus on something else, like homework or a project, checking Instagram can break your concentration and make it harder to get back on track. Many self-help books and motivational speakers say that if you want to get maximum results from your work, remove all the distractions from your surroundings when you’re working, and Instagram is definitely a major distraction. 

3. It can make you feel bad about yourself

When you see other people’s highlight reels of their lives, it’s easy to compare yourself to them and feel like you’re not good enough. Everyone’s life has ups and downs, but social media only shows the positive highlights, which can give you a skewed view of reality. If you find that using Instagram is causing you anxiety or making you feel down, it might be helpful to step away for a while.

4. It can lead to cyberbullying

People can say mean things to each other on Instagram anonymously, and because it’s online, it can be even more hurtful. No one deserves to be bullied, no matter what their reason is for being on social media. So, if you’re being harassed or receiving unwanted messages from someone on Instagram, deactivating your account can be a good way to protect yourself.

5. It can invade your privacy

You might also want to deactivate your account if you’re worried about privacy. Instagram can be a great way to share photos with friends, but it’s important to remember that once something is posted online, it’s pretty much public forever. Anyone can see it unless you change your privacy settings, and even then, people can still screenshot your photos and share them without your permission. 

6. It can be a waste of money

Some people feel pressure to buy likes or followers on Instagram in order to seem popular, but this is just a waste of money when you could be spending it on something else more important or useful. Moreover, Instagram might look free, but it’s not because it doesn’t work without the internet, and one always has to pay the internet bill. 

So, if someone wants to deactivate their account, they should know that it’s fine because they can always reactivate it or even create a new account. 

Step-by-Step Guide On How To Deactivate an Instagram Account

Google recently published its 2018 Year in Review. Among the searches for Meghan Markle, the World Cup, and flossing (the dance, not the dental hygiene variety), there were many inquiries about how to delete Instagram.

So, there is a step-by-step guide on deactivating an Instagram Account.

Step # 1: Login on your PC or Laptop

Using your mobile app, you can’t delete your Instagram account. You must log in to the Instagram website using a web browser on your Laptop or PC.

Step # 2: Go to “Settings”

From the home page, press the “more” button on the left bottom of the screen. Now click on the “Settings” button to open the settings menu.

Step # 3: Go to “Help” from “settings”

When the “settings” menu is open, look for the “help” menu in the available list. Click on “help” to open the help menu.

Step # 4: Click on the “Help Center” 

Now choose the “Help Center” option to open the Instagram help center.

Step # 5: Go to the “Manage Your Account” option

After opening the Instagram help center, go to the “Manage Your Account” option and select delete your account from the available options.

Step # 6: Go to the “Delete Your Instagram Account” option

Select the “Delete Your Instagram Account” option from the available list to open it.

Step # 7: Go to the “Delete Your Account” page

Click the “Delete Your Account” link to open the concerned page. Select the reason for deleting the account. Enter the password and press the “Delete” button to remove your account permanently. 

Benefits Of Deactivating an Instagram Account

Sometimes people want to take a break from social media. That’s OK! There are several benefits of deactivating an Instagram account. For Instance: 

  • You may feel less stressed without the constant scrolling and notifications. 
  • You may have more time for other activities they enjoy, such as reading or spending time with friends and family. 
  • Deactivating an Instagram account can lead to sleeping better at night since people are not looking at screens right before bed. 
  • Deactivating an account can help people focus on the present moment more since they’re not constantly checking for updates. 

So, if you’re feeling like you want to try something new or explore other interests, deactivating your Instagram account could be the right move for you.

Final Words 

If you’ve decided that you no longer want to use Instagram, you can simply deactivate your account. This will disable your profile and remove all of your photos, comments, and likes. To do this, all you need to do is log into your account on a web browser and follow the instructions given in this article. 

We are not sure why you’re planning to deactivate your account but whatever the reason, deactivating your account is a pretty easy process. Just follow the steps outlined in this blog post and you’ll have your account deactivated in no time.