How to Change a Birthday Date on Instagram

Having the correct birthday date set on your Instagram account is essential not only for your own security, but also for the safety of other users. Not only does it ensure that your account remains secure, but it allows Instagram to provide you with a tailored experience that caters to you. Setting the correct birthday date on your Instagram account is an important part of creating an effective profile and protecting yourself from potential harm.

While many users find the process of setting a correct birthday date on Instagram confusing, it doesn’t have to be that way. In this article, we’ll explain how it is done with step-by-step instructions so the the entire change will be as simple as pie!

Reason why you might want to change your birthday date on Instagram

You may have used Instagram one or more times to share the picture or videos you clicked or liked. Instagram is not only about sharing pictures and videos. You can put a description in your bio to let the visitors know about your hobbies, job, thoughts or whatever you decide to put in it.

You may have put correct day but different month

While creating your account, you may have chosen a different month than you are actually supposed to put. Like you have your birthday in June and you choose July by mistake which you missed while creating the account and want to change it later when you realize that you made a mistake.

You may have put the correct month but incorrect day.

Suppose your birthday is on 11th of January and instead you put 12th of January by mistake. Someone reminds you or you find out later and want to change it to the correct date.

Someone may have created the account for you

You may have asked someone else to create your Instagram account and that person may have put any random date as your birthday date. Most often people tend to use January 1st as the default date of birth while creating an account. You may want to change the date into your correct date of birth when you get the account access.

How to change your birthday date on Instagram

Step # 1: Open Instagram app on your mobile device

Launch the Instagram app on your mobile device

Step # 2: Go to your “profile” section

Click on the “Image Icon” at the bottom right of your screen to go to your profile.

Step # 3: Click on “Edit Profile” button

After you open up your profile, you will see a button named “Edit Profile”. Upon clicking this, you will be redirected to a page containing your personal details.

Step # 4a: Click on “Personal Information Settings”

Click on personal information settings at the bottom of the page. You will be redirected to Facebook to update your birthday and you can change the birthday date there.

Step # 4b (Alternative Solution) : You can change your birthday date on Facebook directly.

You can change your birthday date directly on Facebook and it will reflect in Instagram as well. Both are from the same company and some of the major changes made can be synced directly without having the need to change in both websites.

Note: You will only get one chance to change your birthday date after the account is created. Once you use this chance, you cannot change it again. So, you have to make sure you put the correct birthday date.

If you follow the steps properly, you can change your birthday date on Instagram easily without any help from others.

You may also want to know

Will my friends be notified when I change my birthday date?

Changing your birthday means updating your personal information and there is no way that it will be notified to your friends. However, there might be a post in Facebook which says you have updated your birthday date. So, make sure to set the post to private immediately after you change your birthday date if you do not want others to see that you have changed it.

There is no other way that the people know you changed your birthday date unless you talk about it yourself. You can use this feature when needed without worrying about this.

Will my friends be able to find my exact age through my birthday date?

You have the choice whether you want to show your birthday to public or not. Also, there is a feature which lets you display only your birthday month and day, hiding your birth year. It is to make sure that you get warm wishes on your birthday and yet people will not be able to tell exactly how old you really are.

Celebrating birthdays with friends blowing the candle with your age can be fun. So, make sure you tell your friends your exact age so that they can get a matching candle for your birthday.

Tip of the day…

The date that most people use as their birthday on Instagram is January 1st. Out of all people who have their birthday on 1st January, more than 50% are fake. Do you know why? When creating an account most people just change the year to their birthday year and keep January as month and 1st as date so that it will be easier to remember.

But only few know the problem they have to face due to this and change it back to their original date of birth.


As you can see, setting up a correct birthday date can be a decisive factor for securing your Instagram account. And since the process itself isn’t really that complicated, it might be worth it to take care of that as soon as you can.

We strongly hope that our article turned out to be useful for you and now you know how to change a birthday date on Instagram.